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 Da Favorites of Stoc15!

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Da Favorites of Stoc15! Empty
PostSubject: Da Favorites of Stoc15!   Da Favorites of Stoc15! EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 10:43 pm

My favorite youtubers:

Nickmatt07: I am a diehard fan for you man, and will always be on the sidelines, eagerly watching, sometimes ending up with myself in the question of whether I am creepy or not.

AltEisenSpirit: The Old Iron Spirit of Steel continues to intrique me throughout my Youtube daily schedule.

Sticktendo/TurtleKermit: This pair is a very underrated group, and I really recommend them for non-Pokemon LP's, because they can be very good.

MunchingOrange: He has funny commentary and does some pretty good games.

LegendaryPichu: Has a killer ensemble of MJ music and has some very funny LP's.

Datai: And finally, Datai. His solo runs and non-solo runs and very fun to watch and give awesome statistics.

And those are my favorite youtubers!
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Da Favorites of Stoc15!
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